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Rejuvenate Your Whole Body With the Sleep Solution Trusted by Doctors & Professional Athletes


Are you getting enough sleep?


In today’s nonstop world, late nights and early mornings have become the norm. We all want to get more done each day, do better at work, spend more time with our families, and make more money. But all that hard work can wreak havoc on our bodies.


You know that 8 hours of sleep is ideal.


The benefits of adequate rest have been proven time and again:


     Improves memory

     Boosts creativity

     Strengthens immune system

     Reduces stress

     Helps weight loss

     Helps the body heal itself

     Sharpens attention

     Supports brain function

     Extends lifespan


The list goes on and on!


But even if you know how much sleep you want to get, actually getting it can be a real challenge. In fact, a study by MedSleep found that in the last 50 years, the average sleep duration has decreased by almost two hours per day. That means that while your responsibilities and priorities have increased, the rest your body gets has decreased. Can you imagine the impact of those lost hours over your entire life?


And it’s not just about feeling tired, either. Lack of adequate sleep can affect your appearance, your performance at work or school, and your mental and physical activity levels. Go just a few days with less than 5 hours of sleep and you’ll feel IRRITABLE, ANGRY, and downright EXHAUSTED!



Sleep Deprivation Can Have Serious Negative Effects to Your Body


Issues including memory loss, increased likelihood of accidents, and low sex drive all stem from lack of sleep.


A lack of rest can wreak havoc on your immune system and your brain function, causing you to lose focus, feel depressed or angry, and even get sick more often.


Studies have even shown that lack of sleep can impair the brain as much as alcohol. In fact, a large proportion of traffic accidents around the world are caused by “drowsy driving”, killing hundreds of people each year.


Falling asleep behind the wheel can have very serious consequences for you and for those who share the road with you. If you’re not sleeping well, you’re putting everyone at risk.


So Why Aren’t You Getting Enough Sleep?


Today’s “work hard, sleep when you’re gone” mentality is turning your body into mush. Work obligations, family life, and technology can all have major impacts on the AMOUNT of sleep, and the QUALITY of sleep, too.


Let’s say your family is experiencing a slow down in cash flow. If you or your loved one were recently laid off, you may be compensating for the lack of income by working harder. You take long hours to make up the difference. You get home late, but still want to maintain a bit of your sanity by watching your favorite Netflix show before you head to bed. Before you know it, it’s after midnight and you’re just turning in for the night. When your alarm goes off at 5 AM for work the next day, you’re groggy, irritated, and not feeling your best.


You promise to go to bed early that day to make up the difference, but even when you do, you toss and turn and wake up several times during the night.


Not only are you dealing with financial concerns, crazy work hours, long commutes, and a general lack of energy. Now, you’re dealing with an old or bad mattress, too.


How a Bad or Old Mattress Causes Lack of Sleep


The type of mattress you choose can have as big an impact on the quality of your sleep as your bedtime each night.


Bad mattresses make you feel uncomfortable, hot, and annoyed. You wake up with back and neck pain from awkward sleeping positions. You’re stressed from the moment your alarm goes off, because you’ve tossed and turned all night on a mattress you hate.


But wait, you say. All mattresses are the same, right? Some just look fancier and cost more.




The wrong type of mattress can amplify your health problems. Allergies and snoring can become worse based on the type of fabric your mattress is made of, and the level of softness. Because you’re not sleeping deeply, your immune system starts to suffer. Your heart health may decline. You may even gain weight.


Old mattresses collect dust, dust mites, and bacteria that can make allergies worse.


After so much use, they lack the proper support and comfort to help you sleep your best.


A bad mattress can:


     Reinforce poor sleeping posture

     Strain muscles

     Put the spine out of alignment


You wake up with lower back pain, shoulder pain, or even a headache.


Improve Your Quality of Life with Sleepm’s Award-Winning Mattress


It’s time to upgrade your mattress.


The Sleepm Biocrystal Mattress is an innovative new type of mattress that uses a powerful combination of modern technology with ancient medicinal properties.


The results are incredible:


     Gives you a full night of QUALITY SLEEP

     Experience MORE ENERGY and peace of mind


     Improve your immune system

     STRENGTHEN your muscular system

     Helps prevent neck pain and lower back pain


Better sleep and improved quality of life starts with Sleepm’s incredible technology.


Our remarkable mattress technology includes our Biocrystal® mixture, a special blend of 16 natural crystals that are blended with real gold and silver to maximize your body’s healing.



Why Use Crystals in a Mattress?


Crystals have long been used in technology not only for their beauty, but for their incredible mechanical properties as well.


Did You Know?


Crystals are used in the manufacturing of watches, medical equipment, computers, smartphones, and other electronics!


It’s not just technology that is improved by the use of crystals. The restorative effects of this natural substances can be felt in the body, too. Crystals help restore the flow of energy through the body, in much the same way that they work in electronics. By restoring the flow of energy, the body is left feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and rested.


But that’s not all! The Sleepm Mattress combines natural elements with the latest sleep technology to help you better rest and wake up feeling truly rested and ready to take on the day.


Our Biocrystal Mixture is proudly endorsed by the World Organization of Natural Medicine, University of Humanitarian Medicine for its drugless technology in pursuit of human wellness. The Biocrystal Technologies d.o.o even recently awarded us the honor of Certificate of Energy Influence on Humans!



What Makes the Sleepm Biocrystal Mixture Mattress So Special?

Our unique Biocrystal Mixture features a combination of 16 crystals, plus silver and gold in a perfect ratio


Activated Charcoal filters out unwanted smells and bacteria that can lead to allergies, sickness and parasites


Independent Coils allow you and your partner to move without disturbing each other


Cool Gel Memory Foam originally designed by NASA in the 1970’s helps reduce the impact of tossing and turning, while cradling your body in cool, soft foam


Thai Natural Latex, the milky sap from the Thai Rubber Tree, is a hypoallergenic, mildew-proof, anti-microbial and dust mite-resistant filler


Smart Technology for Your Whole Body Makes Sleepm Feel Like a Custom Sleep Experience


We take “smart” sleep technology to a new level with the Isotonic 7-zone Memory Foam Mattress Topper. This layered topper keeps you COOL, COMFORTABLE, and SUPPORTED all night with temperature-responsive technology.

Isotonic 7-zone Memory Foam Mattress Topper relieves pressure points, keeps you cool and comfortable all night with cool channel ventilation, and neutralizes odor with carbon-infused smart foam.


But it doesn’t stop there!


Your mattress is just part of the sleep equation. To wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your to-do list, you need proper neck support, too. That’s why we created the Sleepm global Pillow.



This pillow is packed with the same natural healing technology as the Sleepm mattress, with a specially-designed shape to fully support your cervical vertebrae:



     Back and waist muscles


     Intervertebral discs


Many traditional pillows simply don’t support the cervical vertebrae properly. You wake up feeling tight and sore in your neck and shoulders. Over time, excessive tension can actually accelerate the degeneration of intervertebral joints, causing lasting damage.



The Sleepm Global pillow resolves these common issues with a special curved support. The design not only supports the curved part of the neck, but also the back of the head, reducing tension and improving the quality of your sleep in the process.



This slow rebound energy pillow features our healing Biocrystal technology, comfortable memory foam and cleansing bamboo charcoal magnetism. The result is full support for your upper body with odor-fighting, energy-rejuvenating properties.


Personalize Your Support by choosing the appropriate side of the pillow to sleep on. The unique heights on each side make it ideal for back sleepers or side sleepers.


Memory Foam Butterfly Pillow absorbs impact and provides the feeling of floating while you sleep, with no pressure on the ears if you sleep on your side. The pillow molds to your shape for ultra-comfortable rest, while fully supporting every area of the neck and shoulders with no gaps in coverage.


Breathable & Moisture-Absorbent memory foam works like a sponge to absorb moisture and promote airflow. (Should not be sprayed with or immersed in water, or exposed to sunlight).


Antibacterial & Mite-Free slow rebound foam inhibits mold and eliminates odors.


When paired with the Sleepm mattress, you’ll wake feeling truly rested and restored.

Doctors Love The Sleepm Mattress, Too!


To ensure the best possible results for your sleep quality, our Biocrystal Mixture was extensively researched by the BION Institute, The Institute of Bioelectromagnetic and New Biology, for effectiveness.


The results were simply stunning.


“Results showed complex changes in the physiological measures. The Biocrystal foam produced significant differences in respiration rate and body temperature, with some differential results in the first and second half of the measurement intervals.”

— Mrs. Beverly Rubik, PH.D., Consulting Biophysicist at Institute for frontier Science at Oakland (California, USA)



But that’s not all! See what these professionals had to say about Sleepm:

With hundreds of highly satisfied customers, how can you afford not to try Sleepm?

When you try the award-winning Sleepm mattress, we know you’ll fall in love.


You’ll experience:


     Better sleep quality

     Improved concentration at work

     Improved productivity on your passion projects

     Better memory

     Less snoring and nighttime allergies

     General feeling of wellness


Wouldn’t your friends love to experience that, too?


Once you try our mattress, you won’t be able to stop talking about it. 

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